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And Christine, I will tell you I didn’t know at all. I admired her work. But from just the get-go, we just became thick as thieves and it became one of the relationships in the show, both on and off set that I will miss quite a lot because she’s a very special person.I absolutely will miss working with her. I mean I’ll still work with her as a director but I’ll miss acting with her because I really was fond of that relationship and with her particularly. -  Josh Charles 

In “Heart,” passion for work—a case against an insurance company that is trying to deny an expectant mother a surgery—translates into the other kind of passion, as Will finally kisses Alicia, after months of seeming just about to. Alicia’s attack of conscience plays out beautifully and bittersweetly, and the two spend the rest of the episode searching for each other and never quite syncing up. The next day, Will says to her: “We’ve always had bad timing.*” It is a pronouncement that rings true for the rest of the series. (x)

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